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Part 2 Project 2001
Choon Yen Yap
Edinburgh College of Art Edinburgh UK
The work I have presented is the portfolio of my projects undertaken in the school's Competition Unit. The projects are mutually independent of each other.

My initial idea for the submission for the RIBA President’s Medal was to choose one particular project and focus on recomposing its presentation on 35mm slides. This approach lead to the exclusion of work which I had found so rewarding: working within the discipline of a widely differentiated range of self selected competition briefs with limited time scales and unique presentation formats.

The portfolio is not intended to communicate all the thoughts and ideas about each project but to confirm to this international forum of architectural education the most valuable and exciting discovery I made - that architecture can be explored so interestingly under such circumstances.

Choon Yen Yap

As a member of the school's Competitions Unit, Yen has operated under circumstances which presuppose an appetite for self management and independent learning while providing a platform for a culture of enquiry and debate.

He is a unique student who has revealed a quiet but formidable love of his subject. His capacity to engage in a creative yet critical dialogue with himself combined with exceptional talent has resulted in four superb student competition entries:

Edinburgh Art Centre - The re-definition of Art Community: An Urban Rejuvenation.
International Association of Collegiate Schools of
Architecture: Award for Excellence

Expo Site and UK Pavilion - An atomized concept of Expo as a series of permanent social urban investments along the Tyne in Newcastle and a floating pavilion to represent the UK's achievements in Culture, Science, Technology and Medicine Corus Student Architectural
Competition: Short-listed.

Park for the Future - The park as an urban device that synchronizes the different paces of living pattern within a city.
Edinburgh School of Architecture and Mackintosh School of Architecture joint one day competition: Short-listed.

Scar City - The integration of physical and virtual spaces within the city as a solution for major urban neglect.
Tank Publication Architectural competition

Yen was also awarded the Year Prize and received the Clason-Harvie Award for the most outstanding work

Working with Yen as his tutor has been a pleasure. I believe that he has the capacity to become an influential architect through his future engagement with the profession. His work speaks for itself.

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