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Part 1 Project 2001
Tomoyuki Kurokawa
Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo Japan
Architects used to concentrate on how to give the best adjustment for the usage or function to their design. By the hierarchy of this adjustment, it forces the user (the owner) a restricted usage. As a result, many buildings could not survive the changes of the world, meaning the changes of the requested function, and end up destroyed or as an ugly scrap-and-build even if it survives. Nowadays, the cycle of this changing is getting faster and faster. The gap between the required and the existing space seems as if the architecture suffers from a Schizophrenia. Considering the diversifying measures of value and ecological problems, this project is a study on a system of designing a divertable architecture to cure the Schizophrenia. The point is, this isn't heading towards universal space. The system is only a rule of making the architecture. This rule avoids us from making functional hierarchy like rooms or passages. As showed in the diagram, an architect will make insinuating spaces obeying the rule. The determination is left to the users imagination.
Tomoyuki Kurokawa

In modern cities, architects opinions against spaces are influencing and suiting mutually and looks rather flat as the whole. For a young student who wants to be an architect is required to read ahead of the current age. As Tomoyuki named his project Schizophrenia, he might have been seeing a world that is not flat and transparent, more divisioned and an alluring chaotic future. His project rejects to be an universal space, and mostly recommended, his story is not a dream story and stands on a realistic view upon architecture. His project also rejected to have a specific premise function or usage, but also this meant there would be a more functional possibility add to the building. The space of this architecture might also stimulate an interactive movement with other design fields. It will a stimulative challenge for interior designs, and even for the design of the goods that are sold in the shops. Future deployment and development is expectable of this project.

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