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Cultural Building In A Patrimonial Neighbourhood In Santiago

Part 2 Project 2001
Tegualda Quiroga
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
Located in a recovery zone of the city, a place 10,5 mt. By 48,5 mt shelters new programs of cultural matters which can be inserted in a sequence of paths that constitudes the whole Brasil Town next to the urban center.
The narrow shape of the city plan and the height restriction, gives place to a way of living the “inter wall”. The irregular partition seen in the architeture plans and slices is the geometry fragmentation that happens to be on the spaces qualified on walls with a 70 degrees inclination on the vertical and 6 degrees inclination on the horizontal. To inhabit the “inter-wall” of irregualr fragmentation is think of giving space to mixed events with the quality of elements, in s continuous sequence of places where the notion of a unique center doesn’t correspond at all.

Interiors of this project:
Places into places, on the entrance a library in three levels, an art galery in a double hight, on the basement, a small theatre, a coffee shop; in an internediate and two levels a bar, in the superior level, workshops and finally a restaurant in two levels and a terrace close the building. The programs as independent unities inside del receipt are crossed by stairs that give continuity in a double spin.

Tegualda Quiroga

This project so called “INTER-WALL OF IRREGULAR PARTITION” develops in an urban zone of the old downtown of Santiago. The characteristics of the city plans and the restrictive urban and constructive conditions generate an interesting study of the architectural form. The zone has been recovering a city activity round cultural programs. How must be the response in thin and narrow places? How must light be introduced and allows us to inhabit those places?

By an accurate study of models, generated by geometric rules of partition, also inspired in real cases of the constructive tradition of the city of Valparaiso, on works made by the architect Alvaro Siza and in literature sources like a poem of Octavio Paz, it is developed a unique building that shelters a useful program according to the city plan.

I must recognize the inspiration in the sculptor Eduardo Chillida concept in relation to the form and space as it involves unseparated unities. The project succeds, in my opinion, in recreating a lively path and the space, in its temporality and the duration of the elements. For the light and the inhabitant programs.

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