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Master Plan Universidad Nacional

Part 1 Project 2001
Carolina Rojas
Juan D. Arboleda
Rodrigo Becerra
National University of Colombia, Manizales Manizales Colombia
"A fragmented mesh of lines in several directions, represents different ways of thought. That conforms the city, so as, the latinamerican university."

The Public University.... container of society.
The new layout of the space at "Universidad Nacional", includes "the place" as a collective idea of the habitants, who live and transform the space of your city, in which, the urban memory, collects day after day, the simbolic and cultural dialogue.

Everything is about the materialization of a shared dream, a teaching ideal, of a non object containing, but container of a society, that interprets these mesh of lines, as a net where many mixtures are produced: white, black, take up, go down, public, private. Situations that appear and disappear in the day to day, in the construction of the personal experiences.
Thus, different ambits appear, holding urban landscape.

The Project....

A building that involves a fragmented content, that admits organized journeys' system, spaces for collective enjoyment in order to involve the city with the place and conplicing the colombian inhabitants, by paths headed to the construction of a more ordered and fair city.

Carolina Rojas
Juan D. Arboleda
Rodrigo Becerra

In order to understand the main topic of the workshop the student must be able to identify the relationship between which is meant by public space and its impact on the architectonic idea.

The scope is about to let the student perceive the non-limit concept between the public space and architecture; both of them understood as categories in the academic exercise. In order to dissolve its limits the students must be capable to perceive this "dissolved limits" , because of their strong mutual relations. This will let focus their attention into the empty and public spaces of the city; because of this the students must reduce the ill-intentioned main character of the BUILDING conceived as an OBJECT, which has been translated into troubled urban spaces such in the modern city but in the contemporary one.

The project must respond to strategic hypothesis meant to refocus the city, dissolving the limits related to public and private. This well conceive projects seem to encourage a better vision set out to construct and reconstruct the city; in this way the empty spaces so as the filled or solid ones subdue to a whole creative instance that involves simultaneously urban design, architectonical composition and a design notion about first urban lines.

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