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Firestation Armenia Colombia

Part 2 Project 2001
Mario A. Oñate
Roberto L. Castro
National University of Colombia, Manizales Manizales Colombia
In short, the present degree work contains a design of a Central Fire Station for the city of Armenia (Colombia) and a proposal of a localization of substations necessaries to complement the service offered for such central.
The degree work is composed by three general stages:

The first stage consists of a detailed presentation for the recent problem of the city of Armenia (Colombia) with regard to the organizations of the Fire Department.

The second stage of this work consists of analizing the proposal of the Fire Department of the city of Armenia, Colombia, for the localization and the construction of the three new Fire Stations for the city, this proposal was presented and approved by the P.O.T of Armenia, Colombia.

After analizing this proposal with regard to the covering and the right localization of these three stations, a recent urban proposal rises in order to locate the central station and five more substations for all the municipal territory.

For finalizing, the third stage consists of designing the Central Fire Station of Armenia, Colombia studying many aspects such as: the image, the relationship with the city, the appropriate technologies, the functionality, the accessibility and so on.

Mario A. Oñate
Roberto L. Castro

The project's foremost characteristic is the methodology design for the correct location of the firemen's central station and substations in an intermediate city. It should also be easily applied to any city in our country.

The second characteristic is the selection of the technological system for the construction, because it will determine the architectonic conception, the volumetry, and the planimetric designs. It will also determine the correct solution to constructive problems owing to the thorough study of constructive specifications related to key points of the architectonic design that reinforced the theoretical and practical domain of the technological system and the project's conception.

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