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Part 1 Project 2001
Yusuke Kurimoto
Nagoya Institute Of Technology Nagoya Japan

The locus of people's action is the form of a belt. Even if a person went around the world, he or she only traced the earth like the belt. People cannot see all spread of the world. Therefore, the space follows the locus of people's action, and is done like the belt on the plane. It does not have a spread, although it is progressed, crossed or retraced. Original space is made while the belt changes every second. Moreover, public space will be made if other belts are contacted. Some architects with such thought, and his family and colleagues become belts. they go to the plane which spreads far. And a structure (half house, half studio) is made by them.


I'm anxious about the stereotype which urban constructions have. Then, I use thought with a certain thinker. Many belts overlap and space is made. A building is made by winding a belt around the space further. It is the inversion of the conventional sense of values of structures. It is because, until now, structures are built and then space is made. The free way of thinking is needed now.

Yusuke Kurimoto

The Architect and Architecture in the desert –The idea, house and office

The architects who are residents are apprehending the city construction situation in the present world. Several personnel (1 architect and 4 associates) and the family are living into the desert which left the city. Though it is dried up, it is not so hot and cold there. And they decided to build the house and office which designs only for the client that consents to the thought to the city construction. Each students are required to design the house and office supposing this architect's idea.
This proposed project approaches the theory and process to make something as the relationships among architecture, form and existence.
By locating on projects in the desert, where there is nothing as environment, this project has developed flexible strategies and techniques that seek open structures that are now ossified and to integrate domains that historically have been kept apart.

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