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Guesthouse, Sizewell, Suffolk; Textile And Costume Exhibition Centre, Norwich, Norfolk.

Part 1 Project 2001
Adam Jundi
Kingston University UK
My design approach has been to carefully consider the brief as well as resolving a design that resonates a poetic intention. Primarily, the buildings i have designed are generated by research into the physical and social context. Throughout the process of design i have found that by consider the above, it is an important stimuli towards taking a critical stance. Simultaneously with this concern, the designs have been achieved by trying to keep integrity in establishing a subtle balance between the programmatic, material and tectonic.

My first project is the design of a guesthouse in the tenuous landscape surrounding Sizewell. My site was adjacent to an ad-hoc cluster of fishermen huts and the remains of concrete tank blockades. The building can be used in accordance with the seasons. I have established a public space between the coastguard tower and the guestrooms that can be appropiated in the summer. In the winter I established a place embedded in the concrete wall aas a shelter from the elements. i want earth and sand to accumulate against the retaining wall to provide a ramp access to the guestrooms above.

The final peoject is a textile and costume exhibition centre in Norwich. Through out my building I wanted to establish spaces that dealt with the ambiguous realms between public and private as seen in the urban typology of Norwich. The brief incorporated a registry area and drycleaner. This allowed me to to deal with a dialect between the domestic and the institutional. This developed into creating interactive display areas that subtly revealed the activities taking place elsewhere in the building.
(to be continued)

Adam Jundi

Adam's work is powerful in its continuity of thought and intention. Beauty emerges through the consistency of investigation at all scales; spatial, tectonic and material qualities becoming engendered, through a continuous, tactile relationship, with the complex meshing of place and programme.

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