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City Gate For Mumbai

Part 2 Project 2002
Agneesh Brahmbhatt
University of Mumbai Mumbai India
The design thesis on “City-Gate” for Mumbai is primarily to give the entrance to the city of Mumbai (India).

As it is conceptually termed as a city gate it houses all the major activities that occur in the city such as commercial offices, banks, shopping center, recreation spaces i.e. library, exhibition galleries, etc. Thus the structure as a whole is a concise form of the city.

Goals and Objectives:

Mumbai is growing due to its all round capabilities, economic, social, cultural, etc and now is emerging as one of the world city. Thus the aim of the project is to provide Mumbai with a contemporary landmark.

The city possesses a very hectic life style, and is slowly graduating in to a concrete jungle due to its mammoth sized population, which makes it claustrophobic. This project will facilitate interactive public spaces, entertainment, shopping, etc clubbed with the commercial activities. Thus the intention of the project is to amalgamate all metropolitan activities of Mumbai in one whole complex for better convenience.

Architecture nowadays is being commercialised, at least in Mumbai. Creativity of an architect is being restrained only till 0.75 M of space i.e. façade treatment, which can be termed as lipstick architecture. So I endeavor to stimulate architectural innovation as a whole.

The structure has to give an identity to the city in terms of its historical, cultural, social, economical as well as contemporary aspects.

It is also to foster citizen’s participation in enhancing their quality of life.

Agneesh Brahmbhatt

In this design thesis on “City Gate for Mumbai” the most sentient and thus admirable aspect is his interpretation of a Gate in the design. This was achieved through his extensive research and study on different types of historical as well as contemporary gates.

Adding on to this, the way he has handled the relevant historical aspects and the socio-cultural scenario along with the new age technology is formidable and thus is a reckoning attempt to achieve a sustainable architecture.

His sensitivity and creativity is exemplary even at the basic level of agglomeration of sundry forms and volumes to achieve a sublime composition. As a result he creates spaces with interesting experiential aesthetics, which is a very important component of a design.

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