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Part 1 Project 2002
Angela M. Kyallo
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture And Technology Nairobi Kenya
This student did not submit a statement in support of her work.
Angela M. Kyallo

The setting for a cultural museum project is in the semi-arid region of Northern Kenya. This is within a rural set-up. Design was informed by two needs. Firstly, there was the need of designing for a built environment that takes cognisance of the harsh local environmental conditions. Here, climate is hot and dry with high intensity of solar radiation, high diurnal and annual temperature range, low humidity, precipitation and dust storms. Secondly, there was the need to respond to the surrounding landscape. This was hilly with traces of forest. Typical traditional round form adobe huts dominated surrounding rural landscape.
As a measure for environmental control, two approaches were adopted. Firstly, spatial articulation was utilised to introduce environmental control. For example openings would be located within two opposite walls, atrium/ double volume spaces were preferred and voids and roof lights are used to enhance environmental conditions. Secondly, detailing and materials are carefully selected. Reliance is on those within minimum heat gain.

Project articulated contextual issues through architectural typology. Both the form and elements are dynamic and embrace the surrounding landscape. Flowing forms are part of the rural African landscape. Circular adobe huts dominate most of the landscape.

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