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Recycle center in the Denpark

Part 1 Project 2002
Takuma Wada
Mie University Tsu City Japan
The theme discussed here regards the waste disposal problematic through a project conceived to persuade others reconsider about it. The site chosen for this project, Denpark, counts with a quite low use rate. Consequently, the project is thought to revitalize this area and foment an approach of interaction with the local community.

The important approach on this project is basically to establish a connection between two ambiguous concepts. Naturally the people avoid to be near by waste and would rather prefer a park-like environment, so there exists a conflict for which there should be a solution. My opinion is that both "waste" and "park" should be harmonically integrated on an single object. And so, I thought of two key statements regarding this project: 1. From knowledge to gumption; and 2. From non-daily to daily.

If contemplated from a plan view the building adopts the basis of the arc and taking _if sectioned- the form of a gentle hill. Generating thus, a circulation flow that would motivate visitors to come by familiarizing their senses with it. Add to this, the waste disposal treatment area _located on the basement level- has been planned on such a way that can be accessed by the visitors in order for them to learn from the process of waste treatment.

Takuma Wada

The problem of the "waste" is a common concern both to human beings and the inhabited area. Is there an answer in Architecture to respond this? In this work, he presents his proposal toward the waste problem. Anyways the matter is not to think of "How do we reduce the waste?" but a rather abstract one: "How do we make people realize the problem of waste?" Finding out, thus, the available possibilities on architecture regarding this topic.

As a whole, this work might be considered quite drastic, but before judging it as so, one should extract the essence. Since it has been developed by a student of a new generation, the problem of the "waste" has been managed optimistically. As I understand, the building adopts an arched nature generating an adequate fit with the designer's concept. In addition to the treatment of the form of concept, this work has been well organized.

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