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Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark

Part 2 Project 2002
Phillip Goffin
Jamie Brown
University of Huddersfield, UK
Based in Copenhagen, the brief was to remodel a soon to be disused riverside quay and produce a design for the new Royal Theatre. I started by considering the opportunities and constraints afforded by the site, and the inherent nature of theatre buildings.

My intention was to create a fun environment for both residents and tourists, incorporating a variety of internal and external public space. As such, I developed the quality of these spaces in order to make them as uplifting and engaging as possible. I aimed to create a sensuous visual promenade as people moved through the site and building.

Further investigation into the definition of place, through the use of sinuous curves and a limited material palette of copper, timber, and glass as a dialogue, was created to subtly re-interpret the city fabric and instil a greater sense of the site specific. The proposal develops in more detail, using devices of tectonic expression to add clarity to the building parts and bring sensitivity to mass and scale.

Carried out as an exercise of form and beauty, the theatre aims to become a sculptural motif incorporating layered spaces that twist and turn the user in a dramatic yet legible manner.

Phillip Goffin
Jamie Brown

Phillip’s work is concerned with form, transparency, movement, layering, tactility, and tectonic experience. His thesis of a new Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, has been developed and refined through extensive sketching and modelling to generate a sensuous and sensitive response to its waterfront setting. Phillip has total commitment to his work which is testiment to his motivation, rigour, and passion. With international aspirations he has already enjoyed considerable experience working in Malaysia, and promises a great future.

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