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Neural Volume - an urban diagnostic

Part 1 Project 2002
Gurmail Virdee
Nishat Awan
Birmingham City University UK
The project focuses on neural topography and the integration of mind and machine. The aim was to generate innovation of social space in the city for the RSA (client). As a result the city was conceived as a 'neural program'-a configurative domain, humans as sub-root entities would be an integral part of my structural system-as actual catalyst as part of primal feed into a artificial environment that has environmental intelligence to provide 'hapticity'.

The 'system building' is an active organism that displaces the requirement of low-tech industry with nanotechnology to actively involve hyper-surfaces to execute immersion of virtual and real realms. Users enter through an active energy portal of transition-built of nano-tech sensory glands where full body scans execute stimulus devices for establishing a direct neural interlink between the user and A.I. server-from this direct data feed from every human is fed into the 'arteries' of my structure to create fluidity of social motion and functional arenas for mixed use or gallery.

The primary core is a structural steel frame-the raw material that is utilised for injecting molecular 'nano-assemblers' allowing production of automated cloning cells- this is achieved by means of liquid nano-gears that solidify upon feeding from primary core this allows multiple construction of spaces in sync to respond to energy contours of site and environment for productive human engagement.

The system creates a direct link of human experience and manipulates memory and information to create an artificial environment that is in evolution - an interface for quarantine of the mind.

Gurmail Virdee
Nishat Awan

It is always enjoyable when a student produces work that questions not only his own perception of architecture but also that of his tutors. Gurmail’s work, always challenging and provocative, reminds us that, as important as images are in communicating ideas, it is the engagement with the ideas themselves that sustain and excite us. It is a measure of the depth of that intellectual engagement when intense debate and discussion ensues from every tutorial and critique. Gurmail has demonstrated his unflagging enthusiasm for architecture and his ability to explore a wide range of techniques to investigate the exciting world of non-physical domains, temporal/spatial disconnection, and re-generative structures. Influenced by the work of Decoi, Morphosis, and Oosterhuis he proposes the building as a petri-dish, seeded with the necessary materials to enable a structure to re-configure itself in response to its environment and the characteristics of the people using it. It was a challenging proposition for an undergraduate student and Gurmail sees this as only a beginning of his investigation. The contemplation of virtual worlds and evolving architecture has forced us all to challenge the hegemony of form and object.

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