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Part 2 Project 2003
Adam Monica
Niall Donnelly
Cracow University of Technology Krakow Poland
Zablocie its strategic importance results from the proximity of downtown Cracow .
The site is located on the right bank of the Vistula river, on a chaotically built-up fragment of the urban surroundings adjacent to Vistula boulevard.
Proximity of the river – in urban understanding it is one of the main arteries of the city – extracts of the architect the particularly conscientious layout of its bank areas and makes it an element generating the whole range of attractive public places.
Thanks to their localization by the Vistula boulevards, the TP and its CMC can benefit from the unique exposition on the open area.
The designed TP as well as the CMC building opens to the river and spatially links the city to Vistula.
Because of the fact that Zab³ocie is a former industrial zone equipped with various services, it is the type of area particularly suitable for technological development.
The designed layout has a strong presence in the city of Cracow and dominates the right bank of Vistula. Its structure is accentuated by the main axles and view openings.
The decisions I made during the design process were radical and brave, but this was the only way to acquire the area which would enable me to present my vision and its particular scheme.
The idea behind the entire project consists in creation of a new urban space and presentation of high-technology architecture – as technology is a form of expression.
The form of the buildings is the result of function of the entireTP – that is to benefit from new technologies.
Spatial layout of the building results from the attempt to reconcile two tendencies: on the one hand, the CMC building establishes some kind of dialogue with the Vistula river and opens itself to it by means of a sequence of viewing areas and observation decks enabling contact with the river through numerous glass walls on the first floor, and constitutes a link between the TP and the river between the boulevard zone and the newly designed park area with its pedestrian zone. On the other hand, the building is also associated with its cultural and conference functions, so it focuses towards its interior, opens to the surrounding premises and invites you to go inside.

Adam Monica
Niall Donnelly

The designer is appropriately placing the Technological Park in the post-industrial, currently-transformed areas of Cracow Zab³ocie neighboring downtown Cracow. In his urban concept, the designer suggests the solution which well adapts to the topographical context and constitutes a suitable continuation of the existing urban issue of the neighboring area. A good transportation infrastructure benefits from the adequate use of the existing railway by situating the Fast Urban Rail (SKM) stops at the public zones as well as of the network of roads and beltways connected to the new bridge on the Vistula river. Modern, dynamic concept of urban development suitable for the adopted function of this Technological Park is a successful attempt of deconstructivist composition in urban scale. Being an essential element of the functional program, the project of the Conference and Multimedia Center explored by the designer in architectural scale is a very attractive proposition of form, drawing attention through its dynamics. Because of the complexity of its perfectly solved function, the decontructivist composition of the building form creates an appropriate atmosphere coherent with the entire concept of urban planning. The choice of construction and material solutions is right as well. The idea of the project clearly communicates the designer’s talent and sensibility, as well as his perfect theoretical skills, great mastering of the profession and the ability to present his ideas.

Architect SARP, Assoc. Prof. Jacek Gyurkovich Dsc. PhD.


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