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The Urban Oeuvre

Part 2 Project 2003
Chee Huang Seah
Aitor Albo
National University of Singapore, Singapore
The thesis examines the operative mechanism within the museum and art galleries construct, focusing on the studies of boundary systems, to develop ways of maximising performative potentials of architectural interfaces. Through the expansion of the system into the urban processes, the resulting hybrid typologies enrich one’s gaze, and allow spontaneous exploration of the city as an immense art production with endless possibilities, hence creating an urban oeuvre.

In the project, the oeuvre manifests as an event center/park for sculptural and installation art, located in Singapore’s Museum and Civic District. It is part of an alternative urban design strategy to Singapore’s homogenous and mono-programmatic fabric, triggering new interpretations into urban tectonics and experiences.

Chee Huang Seah
Aitor Albo

The student, inspired by the studies of per formative interfaces, developed an interesting architectural and urban intensification strategy, integrating architecture, landscape, infrastructure and activity zones to catalyse spontaneous activities, and stimulate organic growth on a cultural site. Initiated from a critique targeting Singapore’s cultural policies, the thesis addressed the phenomena of controllability, predictability, and functionalisation, as tools simplifying reading of the social realm. The project devises a differential but highly inclusive territorializing system, which encourages differing political, environmental, and social agencies, vying for the entire territory, to simultaneously inhabit one site, thus giving rise to innovative urban forms and new identities.

Mr Andrew Higgott
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