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Sense of Place: Experiencing Place Around The Freeway Journey

Part 2 Project 2003
Robert Eng
Sandra Maria Petrusca
Curtin University Perth Australia
Perth, Western Australia, is dominated by an arterial freeway that links the outlying suburbs to the inner city. Yet it is a separate element within the city, a roadway seen as just necessity and unappreciated in the urban landscape.
The brief for the project aimed to break down the distinction between roadway and the urban landscape. The project seeks to integrate the freeway into the metropolis and to include all users in appreciating the in-between space along the freeway. The design interlaces the freeway, surrounding natural and built environments, creating a journey where events are encountered along the road space.

Robert Eng
Sandra Maria Petrusca

This urban design project takes us outside the Central Business District to the Freeway landscape that dominates our metropolitan experience. The proposal manipulates the Extra-large scale of the metro-environment to construct a place of encounter that is firmly placed in real and present circumstances. Eng contends that the different points of view which planning, architecture, art, landscape and engineering offer should be combined to create a super environment where an experience of ‘place’ is developed while travelling. This freeway-work suggests a form for the metro-scape that understands our constant going as a way of making place…… and therefore of staying.

Dr Ioan Augustin
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