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The Lea Fishery

Part 1 Project 2003
James Curtis
Joanna Doherty
Oxford Brookes University, UK
As the human population of the Lea Valley increases, the fish population
depletes, it's disappearance being barely visible. Mundane modellings of suburban
structures are put in place for humans, while fishermen observe shoal

Architectures of expansion, contraction, ritual, risk, survival and
extinction coexist on the edges of river and bank.

Physical indicators like smoke, slip streams, fish leaps, flashes of light,
and attempts at containment of momentary presences, shoal movements and
slippery skins depict an itinerary for disappearance.

Eventually the fish shacks will be abandoned, leaving a patina of chars,
brine, skin, bones, and coloured dyes on the landscape.

James Curtis
Joanna Doherty

The year was structured as a continuous programme of research, sub divided into series of interconnecting episodes. As architect explorers, students were asked to consider drawings as sites of speculative construction, objects of manufacture, test sites, filters, employing facts and half-truths. Individual architectural positions developed, relationships and scenarios seen as structuring devices for new programmes, were sited in the Lea Valley

Jim is un-intimidated by the production of architectural imagery. Drawings are treated as active instruments for invention and reappraisal, displaying energy and freshness. Often our role as tutors was more that of editors to an unpublished work. The portfolio is raw emotion, direct, searching and restless.


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