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Art And Exhibition Center In Bariloche

Part 1 Project 2003
Fernanda Elias Cabrera
Sam Levine
University of the Bio Bio Concepcion Chile
the unconsciousness …

of stone
as a volumetric element
as a crossing body

the place …

… city of Bariloche
dressed in stone
counterfeit the mountains
stone grazed
toured by outside
rock as skin
and the body?

the project …

… high, long, wide …
the tree body dimensions

… hollow …
to enter and scour a body

to inhabit it’s interior
an indoor for the city
inhabit by local people
and visited by tourists
an inside hollow out by sculptors
to look at the city from it’s inside

Fernanda Elias Cabrera
Sam Levine

This project was selected because it develops an interesting spatial exploration and it’s located with creativity and respect in a complex urban site, exalting the native culture. It contributes to the architectural identity of the place, giving it a new artistic and functional activity, as a complements to the civic and touristic role of the square, without disturbing the sightseeing or compromising its traditional character. Besides this is a very consistent proposal for the student’s developing level (third year) and she used digital media to study, design and express the spatiality of the project in a sensitive way.


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