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Walsingham Hostel

Part 1 Project 2003
Jessica Reynolds
Klas Hyllen
University of Cambridge | UK
The journey to Walsingham is explored as a mapping of traces on the existing topography, prompting a new sequence of thresholds to the village. Reflections of clouds, landscape, and pilgrims are momentarily gathered in the water that threads its way through the courtyards of a hostel below laundry dancing in the wind. The white sheets become a metaphor in an agenda of sustainability and renewal. While the drying sheets recall the fragility and expansiveness of the Norfolk landscape and skies, creases in sheets indicate traces of guests. Every day, these traces are erased, the sheets refolded, a new journey begun.
Jessica Reynolds
Klas Hyllen

Woven carefully into the bizarre setting of Walsingham, North Norfolk, the project examines issues of contemporary pilgrimage. It responds to the fragments of the historic environment while outlining a sustainable strategy for connecting Walsingham to the surrounding landscape. A new Farmers Marketplace and place of exchange/bank are proposed, together with the integration of a large hostel within the existing fabric of a listed and derelict eighteenth century prison. Through manipulation and celebration of the everyday humdrum activities of washing and cleaning the hostel provides a counterpoint to the solace and hardships encountered in the Norfolk landscape.

Dr Faozi Ujam
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