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Community Center in Mela, South of Chile.

Part 1 Project 2003
Ginnia Moroni
Lucy Furniss
University of the Bio Bio Concepcion Chile
Inhabiting the immensity
In the vastness of the natural landscape of Mela (small village on the coast of Chile), locals must get into their homes in search for privacy. Less private activities are spread around intermediate space surrounding their huts, aiming to graduate the relation between private interior and public exterior space.
The project creates a space for communitarian activities hosting different events associated to differente degrees of 'immersion' into the immensity.
Using the tree as an inspiration the project explores the use of the materials and its effect in the perception of solidness and transparency as a way to control the openness.

Ginnia Moroni
Lucy Furniss

This project develops an interesting spatial relationships between the scale of territory and a basic architectonic space. Between the inmensity of the landscape and interior world of Mela´s people.
The proposal is a intermedia space like a space under a tree, transforming itself in the center of the place. The facade like a skin reveals an intimate relationship between scale of nature and elemental space of light and shade.
It contributes to the architectural identity of the place, giving it the posibility of meeting and cultural activities.


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