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Convention Center

Part 1 Project 2003
Mario Edwards
Anthony Powis
Central University, Santiago Santiago Chile

The city of Santiago present a fundational criterion marked by rivers and hills as source of shelter.

These elements ( river, hills) give the scale to the metropolitan area that shapes the city in this delicate encounter of our project to insert and configure the geographic encounter which it have always been there.


The configurate the event building when this becomes part of the place and the city; it is the structure which configurate the 3 intervention strata:

1_Traction_ Public space_ The roof is a urban belvedere
2_Empty _ Service space_ The structure gives shelter and surrounds the event.
3_Comprehesion_Servant space_The structure as support of public and private event of the building and place.

Mario Edwards
Anthony Powis


This work is the aswer to XVIII CAP contest.
Every year CAP company call for a national contest in order to promote the use of steel. That event took place to develop a Convention Center which needed many different techinical and urban requirements in order to integrate and make a contibution to the city of Santiago.
The workshop subject gave emphasis to insert the project in a place.
The proposal volumen is inserted in a long a narrow public park which accompanies the irrigation channel in Santiago.
In this point an important business center is growing up in order to lodge office, hotel, restaurant and shopping malls.

The project is a long and narrow volume which floats on the channel to allow a free cross between the two side . The design was made amalgamate the encounter of the convention Center the Park and the channel.

The big lounge floats on the channel configurating a new public space with lights, flows of water and sparkles.
The eloquent use of steel in the volume´s revetment and structure layer gives the project an aesthetic similar to an aircraft carrier set in the place.


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