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Investigation about man's conception in the Space. 'Shaping in Paramillos', Mendoza.

Part 2 Project 2003
Sebastián Villarreal
Carlos Dos Santos
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
This work explores new ways of doing architecture, in an attempt to meet today’s spatial needs caused by man’s changed conception in the space. A new conception calls for new methods of projecting. Thus, the main contribution of this work is the creation of tools that replace the current ones which have become limited or useless. The design experimentation is an exercise, a tool that investigates forms, uses, materials and essences. These new tools are called: Gestualización (form); Virtualización (space); Arquetipación (materials); Conceptualización (uses), which enabled us to find new ways of seeing (Poiesis), thinking (Methodology), making (Projection) and living architecture (Interpretation).
Sebastián Villarreal
Carlos Dos Santos

The present work has been nominated because it deals with practice and theory. It investigates external and internal goals of architecture, incorporating notions of other “loggias” (Poetry, Philosophy). It also contributes to “Design Investigations” and “Form Generation”, exploring on new virtual and traditional tools. Concerning practice, the project skilfully combines the “spirit of time” and the “spirit of place” of an abandoned place in mountain (3000m.). In this way, the project provides a good synthesis of the “practice of thinking” and the “logic of doing” and it reaches the equilibrium of Vitruvian triangle: Firmitas (materials), utilitas (uses) y venustas (form).

Dr Alexandra Stara
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