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Lost Space, Forgotten knowledge. Urban writers club / Architecture Foundation

Part 1 Project 2003
Gordon Sung
Emma Sinha
Kingston University Kingston | UK

I interpreted the context of Bloomsbury a field of conflicting tension between, on the one hand, imposed universal knowledge / visions (UCL and the Square), and disestablished physical activities. This reading developed into a brief for a building that re-represented the architectural process from an interdisciplinary perspective, with added local participation. In this sense my design attempts to deconstruct the existing institutional setting, contrasting it with dialectical activities (making - representing, events - history, architecture - landscape, public-professional etc). I prefer slowly fermented ideas rather than fast formal concepts. I aim to construct plausible space charged with ‘the possibility of otherness’.

Gordon Sung
Emma Sinha

“Professional over-specialisation in the field of architecture” was the studio agenda under which this competition entry was realised. Broadly speaking students were asked to develop a brief for a “building about buildings”, which in this particular case resulted in the design of an Architecture Foundation. We encouraged working methods that concentrated initially on mundane aspects of site and their translation into architectural ideas. Conceptual aspects derived from a questioning of the role of a public building. Specific activities focussed on ideas about reading the city, material technologies, and the programmatic (mis)representation of architectural procedures.

Prof Mohsen Aboutorabi
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