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Town Hall Kirkcudbright / Measured Drawing / Emergency Housing

Part 1 Project 2003
Lewis Kinneir
Humberto Jose Peñuela Vega
Juan David Linares Santana
Mackintosh School of Architecture, UK

This is a brand new Town Hall building on the waterfront in a small fishing town steeped in tradition. I wanted to create a relationship between the historic atmosphere and the innovative new build – with the purpose of inspiring the townspeople to see a bright future involving themselves within the community structure.

The building provides both civil and civic functions which are individually recognisable.

The scale and layout of the building give comprehensive access and usability. The modulation echoes the present urban fabric with its separation by alleys and covered lanes between buildings.


A fascinating investigation and imperial measured survey of early mass produced small scale architecture.


An intense programme on accommodation during international aid relief, utilising the attributes of sustainability. Manufacture acknowledges more than just the product but appropriate methods specific to location and situation.

Lewis Kinneir
Humberto Jose Peñuela Vega
Juan David Linares Santana

New Town Hall and Civic Space
Kirkcudbright, Dumfries

The town hall aims to generate a new social and civic locus in a small coastal town. Its form reflects the notion of the complexity and grain of the town, intact and self sustaining, complex and specialised as needs and demands dictate.

In scale and language, it looks beyond the immediate context and proposes through a range of spaces and destinations, public and private, social and work-related that define more clearly present day life for the towns citizens.


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