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Union Theological College Library

Part 1 Project 2003
Jane Larmour
Michelle Wong
Queen's University Belfast, UK
The book is the most ancient of data sources; the library the original mechanism for its storage and retrieval. Responding to the historic site, context, materials and nature this theological library was conceived as a ‘garden bookshelf’ or colonnade through which readers pass in search of knowledge. Deep reveals reminiscent of the vertical spines of books and in allusion to the Italianate-Classical building it stands beside provide texture to the exterior surface composition. Internally these reveals become the structure of the library creating a hierarchy of spaces in which the intellectual activity of the building can take place. A study of the surrounding urban grain anticipates the potential for future connections to the city’s Botanical Gardens.
Jane Larmour
Michelle Wong

Quietly radical and respectful of its architectural lineage, this proposal for a small library lies poised between the city and its University. Carefully judged in tone, it presents itself as an assured extension to both academic and collegiate sensibilities whilst questioning an unambitious local conservation-culture. The clear derivation of the final form through early thematic studies summarises a mature and purposeful process through which the scheme developed - a process explored through drawing, mixed-media work, physical models and photomontage.
Next to the neo-classical façade of its neighbour, this scheme seems to understand its place in the city and its history.


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