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Institute for Bio-mimetic Research at TU Delft

Part 2 Project 2003
Hui Hui Teoh
Max Davie
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) | UK
The project seeks to explore the theme of “Mobility”, the topic of the International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam. I interpreted it as “Metamorphosis” to expand the idea of changes across distance to that of colours, form, function, material and habitat. A butterfly farm is proposed that extends physically and programmatically from the Institute for Bio-mimetic Research sited in the Delft University campus. The insertion of biodegradable enclosures and the releasing of butterflies both enhance and register the serenity of the Dutch landscape. Physical attributes of butterflies and breeding requirements, together with existing technological advancements, further inspire the physical and spatial characteristics of the Institute.

Hui Hui Teoh
Max Davie

We find this an outstanding project.

It combines a thoughtful and imaginative investigation into biodegradable structures and the application of unconventional building components in architecture.

An Institute for Bio-mimetic Research is proposed as an extension of the Technical University in Delft, in which natural and artificial insects, in particular butterflies are studied. The programme is organised with great attention and the building carefully inserted on the site. Part of its deployable and biodegradable net structure stretches out annually from the city edge into the flatland, integrating a temporary butterfly farm into the frame of a ´Dutch panorama´.

Hui Hui´s witty observations and interest in a wide range of technological phenomena, which she used as architectural references, triggered a highly sophisticated and unusual building. The complexity and beauty of its materiality and spatial arrangement stands out for the numerous components that colonise its surfaces. They were meticulously drawn, creating an entirely personal language, simultaneously subtle, dextrous and full of poetic value. The design is innovative and truly inspiring.


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