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cultural matrix-a cultural space in the periphery

Part 2 Project 2003
Alejandra Celedon Forster
Matthew Gatehouse
University of Chile, Chile
The project is located in the main south metropolitan sub-center of Santiago.
The projects sostains in Culture and Periphery, two kinds of transformations that affect the contemporary cities.
The matrix is a hybrid of a media center, a library and a central cultural exchange.
The Matrix inserting in the site with a neutral and pure shape, in order to not contribute to the formal and aesthetic chaos in the area. There are two strategies of intervention:
1_The block is intervened through a bending operation, working the emptiness in order to its vocation of civic centr of the district.
2_A cube suspended in the space as a sign, gives significance to culture in it process state, in its everyday condition, accesible for everyone.

Alejandra Celedon Forster
Matthew Gatehouse

This project has an interesting condition resolving a metropolitan subcenter lot, using a newer view about the peripheral conflicts in Santiago. It articulates several pedestrian traffic ways and resolves them into a great central space, incorporating culture activities, and giving to the city a totally adapted and atractive building.


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