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Edinburgh Festival Theatre

Part 2 Project 2003
Gary Owen
Caitlyn Manicom
Manchester School of Architecture, UK
I am interested in the role of digital technologies in architecture. Not only in the way that they are used in the programming of spaces, but also how design media can help us explore forms that represent the dynamism of such technologies.

By adopting these technologies in conception and performance a clear link is established between the form and its method of generation, and the buildings mode of operation. It is by doing this that we can celebrate the potential that developments in such technologies are now bringing to architecture. Digital environments can be seen as a tool and material.

Gary Owen
Caitlyn Manicom

The project for a festival theatre in Edinburgh demonstrates an oustanding capability in the contextual and typological generation of a concept delivering dynamic programmatic competence.Conceptual acuity is sustained through articulate and refined realisation studies acknowledged by the award of joint first prize in the international competition for theatre sponsored by OISTAT. The truly `animate form` developed from a process of abstract translation mediates and absorbs the existing context into a flow of diurnal and seasonal events that challenges and extends the accepted boundaries of instrumental competence in architecture. A timely echo of the continuing influence of Cedric Price on the creative imagination.


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