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Film & Creative Technology Venue, Doncaster

Part 1 Project 2003
Gareth Bansor
Benjamin Koslowski
University of Sheffield UK
The defining concept was taken from film, the moving image. In response, the project intends not so much to regenerate the faded urban fabric in which it lies but to re-animate it. Subsequently, the building, with its screen facades becomes a new focus to Doncaster’s polarised communities. This connection is then emphasised through the cinematic interventions that lead to the building along the transport vectors that dominate the site and in turn, extend the programme of re-animation. Within the building the sense of progression continues with evolving levels of transparency and materiality revealing the public route to the convivial volumes.
Gareth Bansor
Benjamin Koslowski

This project has resulted from careful investigations of a decaying urban hinterland. Earlier drawings and studies focused on revealing the potential of cinema within this context. The resulting project is one, which is sophisticated at all levels and shows a maturity of resolution. The three-dimensional studies exploring the relationship between façade and subterranean gallery show an articulate understanding of materiality, light and textures. He has carefully manipulated the relationship between interior experience and tectonic gesture. He has worked hard throughout the project and shown that it is still possible to produce sophisticated work that offers human occupation and interaction.

Ms Naomi House
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