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Memorial Museum of the Military Dictatorship in Chile

Part 2 Project 2003
Cristian Mauricio Vergara Sanhueza
Wing Lam Lo
University of the Bio Bio Chile
Remember and reconstruct the forgotten memory of 17 years of dictatorship in Chile is the objective of the MMMD, situated in Pisagua, ex-prisoners camp.
It's design reflects the ‘Unheimlich’ (Freud, 1953); "That class of the terrifying which leads back to something long known, once very familiar, but now hidden, in the shades". That is why the geometry and formality of the MMMD is based on the solar map of 11/09/1973. The visit is structured along the human rights that were violated here. This sensorial and physical experience creates a conscious memory so that this history never repeats itself.

Cristian Mauricio Vergara Sanhueza
Wing Lam Lo

This project offers a strong architectural response to the necesity of our country to face it’s past in order to evolve towards the future. The dictatorship has never before been tackled as an architectural project in Chile.
The MMMD is excepcional among this year’s projects for its very firm fundament both in a filosofical as in a sensorial way. The challenge to insert this design in the desert and the use of a very proper and particular language of evocation, physical experiences and dreams, enhances it’s guiding and poetic character that stirs the body and the mind.

Dr Wayne Forster

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