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Down a Water Way

Part 1 Project 2004
Anna Sybil Harley
Taina Lund-Ricard
University of Auckland Auckland New Zealand
On the side of the seen, Medusa whilst terrifying others, terrifies herself. From Freud’s analysis of the subject themes arose; transfer, reflection and marking.

The site is Meola Reef, a lavaflow on Waitemata Harbour. Tidal movements submerge or expose the isthmus; transfer between land and water becomes powerful.

A purification facility, housed in six buildings, is designed to remove site contaminants and to reveal the fragile coast. Buildings are connected with a public walkway so treatment can be viewed.

Ship-like, steel framed buildings are cloaked with adjustable louvres constructing a filtering ‘fabric’ allowing natural ventilation to be tuned.

Anna Sybil Harley
Taina Lund-Ricard

Perseus given the task of slaying Medusa was warned not to look at her directly. Instead he gazed at her reflection and, utilising the mirrored image, slew Medusa. Freud, in his office, positioned a mirror at the window, frustrating its transparency, and turned the analysand inward as object for scrutiny.

This elegant design, employing Freudian techniques, holds a mirror to Meola reef, revealing both site pollution and the possibility of cure. The architecture removes pollutants, releasing pure water back to sea. The plant, a series of linked ‘islands’, aware of Medusa’s doubleness (disease and cure), treads lightly on the reef.


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