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P/leisur(e)scape_The Last Resort

Part 1 Project 2004
Rosy Head
Kayleigh Buttigieg
University of Cambridge, UK
The steep coastal landscape scatters the town down the hill, meeting the sea in its curved bay, fronted by a strip of neon arcades. Scarborough is a unique amalgam of the ordinary and extraordinary, a once popular resort now in decline.
P/leisur(e)scape, through three small insertions into the landscape, uses the transformative potential of the seafront to initiate a regeneration of its identity and economy.

The Last Resort, a Spa sited on a transitional edge where the town dissolves into a garden landscape, brings leisure to work, initiating a dialogue between the public and the intimate for both townspeople and tourists_ precipitating revivification and a new horizon.

Rosy Head
Kayleigh Buttigieg

'P/leisur(e)scape, set in the South Bay of Scarborough, explores the role that pleasure and leisure can still play today in declining seaside resorts. In this instance, with developers opting for the familiar, autonomous out-of-town facilities, this studio examined the scope for alternative visions.

After an initial built project exploring personal themes of landscapes and distortions installed on the tideline, two buildings, a lifeboat station and a spa & sports centre, were carefully inserted into sites along the seafront. Rosy's spa scheme reconciles the peculiar, vertical landscape of a forgotten garden with the adjacent grand yet decaying city core. A set of cuts in the ground are used to order a series of choreographed spatial sequences and intertwined routes that accommodate both bathers and the general public.

The work forms an innovative strategy for re-thinking Scarborough's public realm whilst demonstrating intuitive skill in finding strong, yet subtle, sculptural responses to both site and brief.


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