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Urban Transversals

Part 1 Project 2004
Alexandra Ginsberg
Ryan Gormley
University of Cambridge | UK
From urban scale to a single live/work unit, the scheme explores the boundary between public and private space. Post-war reconstruction has created an elemental urban fabric, where edges between large areas of single use exert a destructive influence on the human and built environment. Creating a dialogue between existing elements, my response provides a focal point for Canning Town. The daily cycle of transversals is conducted on the ‘conveyor’- the primary route- encouraging movement between defined, yet permeable, zones. Filtering and blurring the relationship between city/nature and public/private and by allowing residents and visitors to define their own spaces and patterns of inhabitation, the edge condition is bridged.
Alexandra Ginsberg
Ryan Gormley

Our studio project was sited on a 32,000m2 strip of derelict land south of Canning Town station in East London. Students were asked to respond strategically to the particular conditions of the site and its wider context, and to focus in detail on a specific area that included public facilities and a live/work component.

Daisy produced an elegant set of strategies, designed to generate 24hr activity on the site, and a highly imaginative live/work prototype. Both were grounded in a rigorous analysis of the existing site conditions, and exhibited an impressive understanding of context, technical aptitude, and social awareness. Her selflessness in group research inspired the studio.


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