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GDP: Foyer21

Part 2 Project 2004
Kostantza Schizaki
Ethan Loo
De Montfort University, UK
The Global Design Project (GDP) is the final academic project - this year a 100 bed hostel for the Foyer Federation and a related training centre. This and the site were proposed by the students. The centre is a theatre workshop. The site is in Heraklion, Crete, where the city meets the Venitian fortification. The purpose of the FF is the re-integration of youth with society. The proposal attempts to link city, wall and sea as well as the local community in an interplay of openness and privacy, using sympathetic materiality and form as a reflection of this intent.
Kostantza Schizaki
Ethan Loo

If you stand on the fortification next to this site you see a crumbling medieval inner city on the inside, a new concrete gridded sprawl on the other, and the openness of the sea to the north. Schizaki embraces the youth rehabilitation project theme metaphorically by making her building climb out of the old town chaos and reach towards the new. The route takes you past the theatre workshop training centre - a device of enlightenment - and out to platforms on top with the sea horizon as the outlook. Site, brief and context are poetically resolved.

Mr Russell Light
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