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:Garden Halls, Merchant City, Glasgow

Part 1 Project 2004
Eilidh Henderson
Ana Maria Otelea
University of Strathclyde | UK
My LIVE/WORK development in the heart of Glasgow explores the relationship between public and private.

Using an existing church as a key form generator I etched a diagonal cut within the plan. This route stimulates a constant flow of movement.

Starting from a central point within the site I then wrapped my building blocks around the edge. The consequent courtyards are hidden pockets of life. The blocks step up gradually with respect to the existing conditions reaching their highest point at the junction with Albion Street. This re-connects this disjointed street; completing the existing pattern of ‘towers’ within it.

Eilidh Henderson
Ana Maria Otelea

Eilidh worked on the project consistently, taking a particularly comprehensive approach to its planning and design. Her given site was complex and challenging, and she responded by conducting a range of explorations which fully developed and tested her design skills to their utmost, as evidenced in the final scheme. Eilidh’s work is outstanding because its well-resolved design, though seemingly understated, is eminently pragmatic and ‘build-able’, an impressive achievement for a part-one studio project. This is a student whose motivation, consistency and skill in developing pragmatic, believeable design responses to complex briefs, makes her an outstanding talent to watch.


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