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Stranraer Waterfront Redevelopment and Museum of the Sea

Part 2 Project 2004
Jonathan Thompson
Hardy Ho
Queen's University Belfast | UK
The imminent relocation of the town of Stranraer's historic ferry port presents fundamental questions as to what will become of the vacant land.

This project examines, with the assistance of the local community, how the reclaimed waterfront can be developed in order to negate this substantial loss and to develop the tourist potential of this remote Scottish town.

The natural and ultimate focus of the project has been the Museum of the Sea perched on the end of the East Pier, conceived as a structure evocative of the town's historic link with the sea.

Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan Thompson
Hardy Ho

The student met the challenge faced by the declining Stranraer sea port with vigour and imagination. The brief for this project was established by the student following extensive meetings in Stranraer with various groups and individuals.

The regeneration of the sea front involved skilful handling of a number of issues, including a clear understanding of the complex engineering problems and including the necessary transport interchange.

The climax to the project, a sea museum in the form of an upturned boat illustrates clearly the students transparent attempt to design a building that would philosophise the renewal of the sea front and yet memorialise the former maritime connection.

Professor Joe FitzGerald


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