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Part 1 Project 2004
Belen Canzian
Matthew Girling
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
The generative idea resulted from the patterns the wind forms on the sand. It is about a space of preparation, an access gateway to the landscape of immenseness to be open later.
In each stage of its path, it allows diverse spatial experiences since, basically, it is about a wind tunnel which conveys the individual to a slightly usual perceptual world which involves him/her in its whirlpool.
It is wood-made, giving to it a torsion emulating the wind while wandering and breaking the ever changeable sand surface of “Los Altos Limpios”(The Clean Heights).

Belen Canzian
Matthew Girling

In this desert, of great cultural interest, students express their commitment with universal design breaking down architectonic barriers.
In this space project, in order to enable blind people to perceive all the Desert’s beauty, the sensorial stimulus are emphasized using tactile and olfactory matters as well as their combinations and making silent the “visual tyranny”, stressing the auditory sense.
It helps to comprehensive knowledge of the site where architecture should be constituted as a mean intended for reaching the states of major transcendence of an individual. Submitted work is a gestural synthesis reinterpreting the wind mutant action on sand.


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