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Shenyang Palace, China. Interpretation Centre

Part 1 Project 2004
Lee Turner
Jasmine Armaly
University of Huddersfield Huddersfield | UK
The Shenyang Palace Interpretation Centre serves as an interactive multimedia environment which people can visit to learn more about the Imperial Palace before entering the actual complex itself.

The linear design is based on a series of parallel walls which allow movement between them while a single curved wall gives the building purpose and direction. Circulation is controlled so visitors pass through a sequence of exhibition spaces, travelling down a timeline of the palace's history which ends with rooftop views over the palace complex in the final exhibition space.

Lee Turner
Jasmine Armaly

Lee's Interpretation Centre addresses the key transitional site between western style commerce of Shenyang and its historic Imperial Palace complex.
It demonstrates his determined approach to design. A limited range of objectives sets the agenda. Simple modernity contrasts well with the elaborate crafted details of the 17th century Manchu Palace and adopts a linear profile to avoid intrusion upon the ancient Palace experience once inside.
The Interpretation centre prepares the Palace visitor via a series of calm spaces and controlled vistas away from commercial bustle nearby.
Lee's use of CAD is highly disciplined and visually pleasing.

Susan Wood


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