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Part 2 Project 2004
Dan Lewandowski
Luma Ifram
Oxford Brookes University Oxford | UK
A HomeZone project which attempts to create a formula for the design and creation of a home, which will evolve easily with its user. Every dwelling will be capable of being tailored to the character and preferences of the individual user. As a product as well as a building the process starts with standard modular prefabricated components which can be added to, adapted and modified to suit the demands of individual lifestyles. In this way the product/building need never be finished as it is designed to enable easy continued alteration to suit the changes in the consumer's needs.
Dan Lewandowski
Luma Ifram

Dan took the analogy of the car industry to inform his HomeZone project. Using the notion of 'chassis' for the superstructure and servicing support mechanism, Dan designed a series of accommodation pods which are introduced as required to meet the particular requirements of hypothetical occupants. Rather than choose a specific site for his project, Dan chose to make a non-site specific proposal; one which would adapt to a number of conditions to provide options on cost, area and habitation.

Ms Naomi House
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