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Part 1 Project 2004
Florencia Conalbi
Anthony Richardson
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
For the formal design both external walls were given a curved shape to work aerodynamically considering the gale force winds that batter the location.

The north-south axis was placed perpendicular to the side bearing most walls so that the north face gets the most sunlight, while the south face overlooks beautiful landscapes.

Inside the hotel, two oval spaces articulating 5 and10 respectively were designed in order to achieve articulation, vertical spatial continuity and better environment natural ventilation possibilities.

Florencia Conalbi
Anthony Richardson

The project involved designing a four stars hotel for the Marriot chain to be built in Santo
Domingo – Dominican Republic.

It was an off-site design exercise carried out within the Americas’ Network Virtual Workshop where more than 14 American Universities participated.

The major design premises included: not affecting the hotel’s routine activities, finding solutions to location weather conditions and establishing sustainable architecture guidelines related to the building natural ventilation.

Total project surface: 4,180 m2.
Total covered surface: 19,000 m2.


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