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Sixth Form Centre for Kings School, Canterbury

Part 2 Project 2004
John Holden
Jessica Davidson
University for the Creative Arts | UK
Education is one of the greatest debates concerning society today. The myriad of policies by various UK administrations has, in my opinion, led to an overly complex system which leads to marginalisation not only of the pupil but also of teachers and their support workers.

This project, whilst being limited in scope with relation to the age group involved, forms critical appraisals of current thinking, via architecture, with relation to the sixth-form system, drawing from both grass-roots reasearch and from statements in the current Labour goverments manefesto along with input from various educational advisers and departments that deal with the issues on a day to day basis.

John Holden
Jessica Davidson

John is an extremely able student with all round design and technology skills that are fully embedded in his work.
His Part 2 major project is a sixth form centre for the prestigious King’s School at Canterbury. Appropriately located on a large site adjacent to two of the city’s historic monuments, Canterbury Castle and St Mildred’s Church, John’ proposal provides enclosure for the School with public access to limited areas. The scheme demonstrates that he is fully cognisant of the very specific contextual issues peculiar to this particular school and this site. The accommodation and teaching spaces are lodged in the ‘wall’ that encloses the site. At the centre of the scheme is the library that, in addition to the regular collection, also houses historical manuscripts which require special environmental conditions. The library mitigates between the publicly accessible court and the private court used by the staff and students. John’s visualisation of this project is in itself a tour de force that combines a variety of representational techniques to full effect in his presentation.


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