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The Pavillion of Serendipity

Part 1 Project 2004
Samuel Winton
Damjan Iliev
Oxford Brookes University Oxford | UK
My initial interest in developing heuristic methods of working (a system which searches out an unknown goal by exploration) found its form in the design of an artificial hand / eye extension. The prosthetic apparatus distorts your perception of reality using sensory stimuli and optical recordings.

Curators Statement:

All instrumentation was used to cross-examine the gallery. Diagnosis exposed the potential of menacing and playful relationships between humans and machines, visitors and devices. Building becomes prosthesis: casting shadows and revealing alternative perceptions of objects, representations and sites. Prosthesis becomes puppet, I become puppeteer.
In the realm of puppetry, action and reaction are indistinguishable and all authorship eventually evaporates...

Samuel Winton
Damjan Iliev

Damjan Iliev’s desire to develop techniques of orientation / disorientation via processes of ‘Intuitive Orienteering ’ led to the design of intelligent prosthetic body parts that alter one’s perception of our surroundings, aiding the production of chance mappings. Embracing cybernetic strategies as a means of evolving feedback information, the proposal for ‘The Pavilion of Serendipity ‘ (a prosthetic armature to The Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park) becomes a tool for the gallery’s curator. The curator takes the role of puppeteer, teasing the fabric of the building to enhance the staging of contemporary art, which occasionally performs in eccentric and unpredictable ways.


Ms Tonia Carless

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