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Moor Street Station redevelopment

Part 2 Project 2004
Justin Belgeonne
Seung-jo Lee
Birmingham City University UK
The project is a proposal for a greatly expanded Moor Street Station, despite its recent refurbishment as part of the Bullring redevelopment. An observation that the station has to close occasionally due to overcrowding has led to the provision of numerous additional public options and facilities which encourage passengers to spend more time at the station and even stay overnight. Strategically the scheme is based on time / length of activity, whilst an abstraction of the train timetable has informed the architectural language. The exploratory software, E Form has been used to devise structural elements which embody uniqueness within repetition.
Justin Belgeonne
Seung-jo Lee

This work embodies the school’s philosophy of entering into architectural, cultural, and political debate with our city which is in a constant state of flux. The scheme offers a dramatic redevelopment of the city’s historic Moor Street Station with a colourful, energetic, and dynamic architecture set against Birmingham’s latest icon, Selfridges. The design has been developed tirelessly, predominantly through digital means, resulting in a design which captures Birmingham’s industrial heritage whilst revelling in its new found confidence.

The design process has achieved a careful balance between social, cultural, political, programmatic, and aesthetic concerns. Justin is a Part Time student.


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