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Housing Complex for the Third Age in Straulesti, Bucharest

Part 1 Project 2004
Florin Cristache
Hannah Wilson
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Romania
The concept of the project started with the question: What elderly persons wish? And the answer, a quiet and very green place, was the one that guided my next step.
The necessity to have a church integrated in the complex was another idea that helped me to clarify the architectural composition, as well as the fortified households that can be find in Romania, a typology of living that belongs to our history. That leaded to a project development that reminds of the monasteries, with a clear and simple plan layout, which provides protection and assurance to those living in there.

Florin Cristache
Hannah Wilson

The student had to face a challenging theme for this project that brought up a series of very actual subjects in Romania.
By his approach he managed to solve the problems of a complex architectural programme adding a special touch and feeling in solving the issues. He used natural materials, that blend in the natural lanscape of the site, and an architectural composition that remind of one of the traditional Romanian households.
That, and the inspired presentation, made him win a Mention at the "AG2R- International Architecture Competion" held in Paris this year.


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