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a cultural infusion | the celebration of collective difference[s] in contemporary south africa

Part 2 Project 2004
Tshego Moiloa
Vanik Nicolas Margossian
University of Cape Town Cape Town South Africa
Q What is it to celebrate a collective culture of difference in contemporary South Africa?

A latent utopia that exists in our world; Post Apartheid South Africa.

Exploring a language of architecture responding to this disjointed reality of contemporary was the journey I chose for which I still find myself. The site is located at a major point of cultural interchange- Cape Town, CBD station. Each model was made of a different material; each drawing represented using different medium. Intentional as difference and disequilibria of conventions were the motivation that transformed the site, institution and place into 'a festival'.

Tshego Moiloa
Vanik Nicolas Margossian

this investigation interrogates the prospect for architecture at the heart of the apartheid city.
as an outsider tshego has identified cultural difference as the new commons, and speculated upon a fieldwork to heighten collective experience. the insertion of an unfamiliar terrain with critical programmes establishes a network of spaces. their architectural formalisation creates a fluid surface of places to encourage urban encounters.
in re-imagining the forecourt of the central station, this project reconfigures the stereometricity of the contemporary urban order, affording a condition wherein radical difference may co-exist.
this is the challenge for space in the so-called post modern condition.


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