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Chillida's Place, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

Part 2 Project 2004
Kirsty Dewell
Ruth Sidey
Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne UK
'I do not represent I ask' Chillida

Captivated at the RA 'Summer Exhibition'; my recent pilgrimage to discover the 'heart' of Basque artist Eduardo Chillida led to the city of San Sebastian.

Travelling across Spain I saw examples of his work in every village, town and city. From his importance, respected character and productive lifespan, emerged the idea to create a celebration of his life and works in his native land.

Mount Igeldo is the place of his remarkable ‘Combs of the Wind’. Set back from the city, a place of connection with the sea, horizon and wind.

Kirsty Dewell
Ruth Sidey

This is a project about landscape and its relationship with the sublime work of the sculptor and trained architect Eduardo Chillida.

Located within and along the edge of a small mountain in Chillida’s hometown, San Sebastian Spain, it is difficult to describe the project as a ‘building’. It is neither a gallery nor a museum; it is an experiential and poetic journey through a torn slice of rock.

The artist’s sculptures are large-scale pieces made mostly of iron and granite that are specifically located by the student to explore Chillida’s passion for shape, space, time and nature. Before Chillida’s death in 2002 he said ‘nobody can teach what is inside a person; it has to be discovered for oneself and a way must be found to express it.’ Chillida helped the student to find her way.


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