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Civic Centre

Part 1 Project 2004
Frances McGeown
Harry Foster
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool | UK
Liverpool's regeneration has ultimately improved the city's appearance, however a number of areas still remain incoherent and neglected, these areas still needing a social and architectural stimuli. This need is translated into the creation of a Civic Centre-a place which allows for the breakdown of social boundaries.
The building houses public facilities, which include flexible workshops, a local library, an auditorium, hotel and homeless centre, each act to enhance communal unity and integration.
The multi-layered 'plates' and grids of the building integrate and mesh to bring together the diverse activities and direct public flow through the building.

Frances McGeown
Harry Foster

In this project, the exploration for a contemporary Civic Centre in Liverpool transcends beyond the conventional to embrace society at various levels. The design makes a bold contribution in terms of an urban intervention. By appropriating the surrounding non-descript area into a network of multi-layered urban ‘plates’, the unfolding of key social events are facilitated and projected beyond the confines of the site to create links. Resources include, spaces for cultural exchange, workshops for re-training skills & crafts, a walled library and a temporary living block for the homeless where the Big Issue depot is housed.

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