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French-German Cultural Institute of Valparaiso

Part 2 Project 2004
Claudia Jimenez Vega
James Palmer
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
Time and place
The thematic architectonic observes the dimension to live in relation to luminous and shady spaces. The place has a vertical depth towards the north, reason why the luminance search is a challenge that is solved through the permeability of the volumes when being related to the public space, this is in the wild superior-viewpoint and the hill foot. The cultural program constructs the extension towards the outside, when being and to be part of the human life.
The form is developed through a plot of narrow and compact volumes that when articulating generate the mediating spaces, that the program to the interior as with the public space to the outside articulates as much. These mediating spaces give the flexibility of luminous movement when having a diurnal mutation in the four seasons of the year.

Claudia Jimenez Vega
James Palmer

The French-German Cultural Institute of Valparaiso is a proyect wich express a contemporany image. That contributes to the vitality of the patrimonial are where is located. The proyect respects and recreates the shape and dimensions of the particular morphology of the area, an architecture from the beginning of the XX Century, with narrows streets and raised stairs, where the narrowness and the verticality are conditions for its habitability.
Its spatial order responds to the work of the natural light, thruogh the sunny bottoms and the great permeable facade, the incorporating the vertical circulations as part of its structure. This inhabitable membrane is the crossing element as well as the element of formation and integration of the inside “happening” with the outside.

Dr Igea Troiani
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