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Cute Politics - a political adventure

Part 0 Project 2004
Hannah Grayson
Royal College of Art | UK
Cute Politics

Lewisham. The not too distant future. The new generation of Kidults who refuse to grow up has taken over.

The organisation Cute Politics recognises the current failure and the future potential of politics in this forever young society.

In an attempt to gain public participation they have invaded the Lewisham Centre with an architectural 3-D graffiti transforming it from a shopping mall into an urban spectacle: Party Zone - A Political Adventure.

Party Zone operates as an engaging Town Hall giving political parties the possibility to translate their traditional manifestos into an exciting Kidult experience.

Hannah Grayson

33% of men between 20-35 still live with their parents.

The average Sony Play Station owner is 28.

18-49 year olds are more likely to watch the cartoon network than CNN

Andrea’s thesis project shrewdly recognizes the political advantage gained if the attention of a growing sector of the population is captured: The Kid-ult. This generation, the ‘forever young’, refuse to grow up and need careful coaxing to the ballot box. A gossip lifestyle magazine uses a cute and friendly star system to rate the latest political facilities available in Lewisham. A ploy used to engage them in local policy making. Political parties jostle for attention, branding their manifestos to appeal to a generation who shy away from responsibility and social decision making. Regular political meetings deliberately clash with entertainment events. Extra effort is made to make responsibility more fun.


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