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Faculty of Architecture, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Part 2 Project 2004
Ioana Tarba
Mahmud Tantoush
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism | Romania
The project faced some difficult issues, one of the most challenging being the urban integration of a new building in a historical centre, in the same time underlining the character and symbolism of a Faculty of Architecture building. This lead to the idea how to approach the attitude of the new building towards the historical site. Another issue was to integrate some Roman archeological ruins situated on the site, problem solved with a special structure, very spaced, creating a museum space.
The building resulted is transparent, flexible and it's architectural expression is inspired from the new media (digital).

Ioana Tarba
Mahmud Tantoush

I think that the student intelligently managed the complex meeting between a very actual and continuously changing theme and a established site, with many constraints, situated in a well defined historical centre.
The character, the possible architectural expression started from her own generating principles, the real images, even details, were highly appreciated by an international Diploma Panel (of which we can mention prof. Lee van Duin from Delft University and David Covo, Dean at McGill University, Montreal), which unanimously accorded her the highest mark, 10 (ten).


Mr Andrew Crompton
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