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The New Finnish Institute in Newcastle 2

Part 1 Project 2004
Tim Francis
Fiona Rogoff
Newcastle University, UK
A New Finnish Institute for Newcastle' Quayside aims to promote Finnish Culture through creating places for cultural encounter, alongside institutes elsewhere worldwide.

Traditional inhabitation of an 'edge condition' - a plateau between lake and water - forms the point of departure for the scheme. The scheme allows experience of threshold crossing in volumes whose defining planes are animated by light, thus accompanying and enhancing cultural encounter with experiential encounter. The creation of a series of 'inbetween' spaces seeks to encourage exploration resulting in cultural enrichment.

Tim Francis
Fiona Rogoff

While Timothy's Finnish Institute project is inspired by the forms and cultural mores of certain Finnish masters it interprets their insights in a vivid and explorative way. In his architectural language Timothy is concerned - using an astute draughtsmanship -to explore the interwoven spaces of interior and exterior with an especial focus on the play of light on wall and plane. A key concern was to generate an intense flow of space: to create an interiority of rich episode and adventure through a close-set interplay of light and dark, open and narrow. One of the challenges of this project - addressed strongly by Timothy - was the tension between the cultural specificities of the Institute and the outer address to the city. Thus his response to the façade condition at the Newcastle Quayside was both sensitive and bold in the articulate and mature pacing of its intervention.


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